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Transport Tips

  • Ensure your horse is in good health
  • Make sure your horse is reasonably educated
  • If being fed daily, remove grain from diet
  • Ensure your horse is fed lucerne hay each day
  • For the horse’s comfort, ensure the hooves are in good condition
  • When booking, answer all questions asked
  • Inform the horse transport driver of any special needs your horse may have
  • Give your horse a hug

Your door to door horse delivery specialists

We specialise in safe short & long haul travel of all horses.

  • Owner/Drivers - professional service by experienced, well respected horse people
  • Credit Cards Accepted
  • Stop overs / Safe Overnight Stable
  • Caring and professionalism with all horses
  • Competitive Rates, Reliable Service
  • Brisbane / Sydney / Melbourne routes
  • Service to inland NSW upon demand
  • Fortnightly services to North Queensland

Trucks based in Melbourne and Brisbane with pickup and delivery services in South East Qld and Central Victoria

Talk to Judy to discuss your horses transport needs. Call us on 0412 233 083 or email eastcoasthorsetransport@hotmail.com

Preparing your horse for transport

Read our guide on how best to prepare your horses for transport

Meet The Drivers

Meet our drivers Cassie and John

Horses and Us

Find out more about our long standing involvement with horses

Terms and Condition

If a Consignor places an order with the Carrier for the Carriage of Stock